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7.03.2023, 18:00
WSTĘP: Wolny

Zapraszamy na wykład poświęcony tradycyjnym dywanom Bordjalou powstającym w  społeczności Azerów w Gruzji. Wykład wygłosi Elnur Alisoy (Alijew) związany z Muzeum Solidarności w Tbilisi i doktorant w Instytucie Studiów Kaukaskich na Uniwersytecie Państwowym w Tbilisi.

Wykład w języku angielskim.

We are kindly inviting you to a lecture on traditional Bordjalou carpets made by the Azeri community in Georgia. The lecture will be given by Elnur Alisoy (Aliyev) of the Solidarity Museum in Tbilisi and a doctoral student at the Institute of Caucasus Studies at the Tbilisi State University.

Lecture given in English.

The lecture will consist of several parts where participants will receive basic information about the history and nomadic lifestyle of the Azerbaijani speakers’ community of Georgia and about local endangered weaving traditions – Bordjalou rugs – that survived until our days. Elnur Alisoy will talk about different patterns and pictograms, their philosophic meanings, the techniques of weaving, and about the special characteristics that belong to Bordjalou rugs. The information you will gain at the seminar is unique, because it is not published yet. All the information is based on expeditions, fieldworks, and research Elnur Alisoy (Alijew) and his team made during the last 4 years.

Elnur Alisoy (Aliyev) is a PhD student in the Institute of Caucasus Studies at Tbilisi State University. He is leading a local grassroot, non-governmental organization Solidarity Museum based in Marneuli, Georgia. Elnur and his team researches different topics related to historical memory and cultural heritage of the non-dominant ethnic/religious groups in Georgia. He and his team mixes academic research with civic activism: at the same time they are launching different advocacy campaigns for preserving and recognition of the cultural heritage. One of his fields of interests is Bordjalou rugs, authentic weaving traditions of the local Azerbaijanispeakers’ community in Georgia. During the last 4 years he had managed several expeditions and projects on researching and preserving the above mentioned tradition.

Organizacja: kustosz Karolina Krzywicka