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Permanent exhibition

The “Sound zone” is the first part of the permanent exhibition opened in September 2016 in the new edifice of the Asia and Pacific Museum. The exhibition presents approximately 120 musical instruments originating from…

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The Turkmens. The art of everyday life
3.10.2017 - 4.03.2018
The collection The Turkmen Collection of the Asia-Pacific Museum mainly includes traditional costumes and headgear, jewellery, decorative textiles, felts, carpets and contemporary art, represented by the work of[...]
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Ashura – the Day of Remembrance 
10.11.2017 - 7.01.2018
Ashura is the most important feast of the Shi’ites. On the tenth day of the month of Muharram, Shi’ites all over the world recall the martyrdom of Hussain,[...]