Tawhaki sea Islands. Anna Twiggy photographs from Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand

19.06.2019 - 21.07.2019


Wildness, freedom and beauty – these three words best reflect the nature of Anna Twiggy’s photographs taken during her trip to Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand. The title of the exhibition refers to the old Maori legend, in which the god Tawhaki sets out on a dangerous journey through the rough sea to save his beloved wife Hapai. These waters are known today as the “Tasman Sea”, which Maoris used to call: “Ko te moana tapokopoko and Tawhaki” – the rough waters of Tawhaki. The artist, referring to the Maori legend, want to emphasize that these three islands, which are the main theme of the photographs, are invariably dependent on the rhythm of nature, and above all from the tides and outflows of the restless sea.


Curator: Nadia Wysokińska