Power of silver. Traditional jewellery from Arab Countries

7.12.2018 - 3.03.2019

The exhibition presents traditional adornments from various parts of the Arab world: a representative assemblage of silver jewelry from Yemen, decorated with granulation and filigree techniques, Bedouin adornments from Palestine and various examples of jewelry from the Maghreb countries, including Berber jewelry. An interesting section of the exhibition consist of various amulets, including khamsa (“Fatima’s hand”), engraved pendants and hirz amulet containers.

The exhibition is part of the grant project 0156 / NPRH4 / H2b / 83/2016 – “Cultural transfer as a transdisciplinary element of study of intercultural relations based on the example of the influence of Arab culture on the cultural heritage of Poland”

Principal Investigator of the project: dr. habil. Agata S. Nalborczyk

Secretary of the project: dr. Mustafa Switat

Curator of the exhibition: Karolina Krzywicka

Design of the exhibition: Masakazu Miyanaga

Photos: Łukasz Brodowicz


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