Guided tour of the exhibition | Journeys to the east

We invite you to a guided tour of the permanent exhibition Journeys to the east.
Guided walk will take place on the following date:

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Participation in tour is free of charge after purchasing an admission ticket to the museum (PLN 15 regular, PLN 9 reduced).

About the exhibiton:

Journeys to the east is a newly mounted permanent exhibition of the Andrzej Wawrzyniak Asia and Pacific Museum in Warsaw, encapsulating the almost 50 years of the institution’s activity. It showcases 900 artefacts that are impossible to see elsewhere in Poland, providing an exciting insight into the richness and diversity of Asian cultures.

Among the exhibits there are objects hailing from the Arab countries of Southwest Asia, Central Asia, Mongolia, and more than 18,000 islands that make up Indonesia, which are the most numerous group of artefacts.

Journeys to the east
permanent exhibition
Asia and Pacific Museum in Warsaw, Poland