Batik stamp


Batik stamp (cap) MAP 1518

Indonesia, Java; 3rd quarter of 20th century; iron, brass; dimensions: 20 x 10,5 x 7 cm


In Indonesian cap is the name for brass or zinc stamp, which is used to decorate fabrics. Stamp is dipped in liquid and lukewarm wax then stamped on a textile. Later, the same fabric is dyed and wax is removed by scratching or dipping in hot water. Non-pigmented pattern is on surface of the cloth covered in wax. Batik is the name for this technique and also for the textile.

This month we present butterfly batik stamp. Butterfly has various meanings around the world. In Indonesia butterfly symbolises the spirit of a deceased relative or friend. In China butterfly is the symbol of undying love and longevity, in Japan conjugal love, marriage happiness, and young woman. Moreover, in early Christian tombs we can find decoration with butterfly, which has been a symbol of a resurrection.